Anim 2000 Overview and History

Anim 2000 is a professional pre-production stages (story-board, layout & posing) software for 2D animation production.

anim 2000 is the materialization of united technical end industrial expertise, representing a new generation of products and offering a global solution for 2D animation production.

With anim 2000, design and pre-production stages (story-board, layout & posing) can be computerized. This feature of anim 2000 is unique. It allows every studio to achieve the best technical, artistic and economical control of the production, through these critical stages.

Regarding animation per se, all production methods can be used and combined: paper-drawn animation with automated scan and paint, 0-paper animation and real-time manipulation. Thanks to its powerful database management system and related production management tools, anim 2000 makes the production of large-scale series easier.

anim 2000 allows for a complete computerized production process, thus increasing technical and creative capabilities of the studio. However, with its modular architecture, anim 2000 enables gradual computerization, at a pace suitable for the production company. Furthermore, anim 2000 is totally compatible with traditional production methods. Elements created in the system can be output on paper, respecting the traditional work methods and standards of classical animation.

First Version : Layout

A first version was developed by the ANIMATION 2000 consortium. The consortium brings together, under the leadership of France Animation, the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA, France), Getris Images (France) and the Zentrum fur Graphische Datenverarbeitung (ZGDV, Germany).

This first version was focused on layout, and was developed in c++ on Silicon Graphics, and used the Versant ODBMS. This first version contain proprietary code, and is not suitable to open-source.

This first version was used in real production environment by France Animation with 10 stations in production. They was used to produce layout for "Ivanoe" and "Sans Barbe" Series.

I was personally involved in this first version for my PHD.

Second Version : Storyboard

A second version was developed by INA and Neurones and was more focused on Storyboard. This second version was developed in objective-c on RAPSODY-DR2 (pre Mac OS X version). It should contain no proprietary code, and we propose to give it to the open source community

The project as been abandoned, the developer team as gone to other projects, and the code is left without any support of any kind. If interested, I can provide some design documentation (in French).

The Animation 2000 project received support from the Media Investment Club in association with Cartoon (European Union Media program) and from the Anvar.